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Hole saws cause materials waste and injuries, even in perfect use scenarios. Workarounds for imperfect scenarios can be time sucks and hazards. There are no quick and easy alternatives for those situations, but there are economic reasons to necessitate them. 

Materials prices are escalating -  over 200% year-over-year. Labor rates are up. Workplace injuries and fatalities are rising. The high single-to-triple-digit increases of these costs are significant compared to profit goals for contractors and homeowners.

Contractors are bound to timelines and budgets. Agreement terms don’t bend to accommodate injuries and related expenses, and workers comp, medical bills, liability insurance and absenteeism can destroy profits. Even so, nearly 70 percent of construction business owners do not even consider profitability. 

Construction labor was No. 7 among occupations for reported injuries and illnesses (DOL, BLS, 2016). As many as 10 percent of workers may be expected to be injured on the job (BLS), and injured workers are out for 30 days on average (DOL, BLS).

The Hole Troll can help keep people safe and cut time delays, contributing to gains for builders and homeowners alike.

Working quicker and more cost-effectively is the key for everyone, even in a bomming market!