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Made In America


They told us that it is too expensive to manufacture Hole Trolls in the USA. They said we needed to go overseas. They were wrong.

Vista Tools LLC is an all-American-owned and operated business.  We want to make existing tools easier to use and safer in real use scenarios. Our leading product is the Hole Troll, U.S. Patent No. 10,391,565, (and other patents pending), manufactured, assembled and shipped from San Diego County with more than five decades of fabrication and injection mold experience behind it.

Hole Trolls are made from globally sourced, recyclable polypropylene, on globally sourced machines, with a bias toward U.S. suppliers.

We are a diverse and inclusive organization that believes in equal opportunity and mutual respect for all people, and we are very proudly Americans who care about the builders, fabricators, DIYer and everyone who we serve.