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How To Use

Warning: Do not attempt to use this product until you have read thoroughly and completely understand the operator’s manual for any power tool and hole saw used, and the instructions and cautions below. Failure to do so may result in serious injury

Tools needed:

  • AC Power Drill or DC Drill 18 Volts or more
  • At least 4 (four) 10-gauge or larger nails or screws; or construction-grade adhesive/double-sided tape  (each a “fastener” or collectively “fasteners”).


You may use this tool for the following purpose:

Cutting a hole through a flat surface on a destructible material, using a hole saw, where a previous hole may or may not have existed, without measuring.

NOTE: Specific hole saws may not be designed to work without pilot bits. While the Hole Troll may stabilize a hole saw blade without a pilot bit, doing so may pose significant risks to a user. SAFETY SHOULD ALWAYS COME FIRST. Hole Troll users should consult their hole saw and power drill manufacturer instructions and warnings before deciding to use the Hole Troll. (The Hole Troll was developed to help prevent injuries, wasted time and materials damage experienced by hole saw users, but it is not a pilot bit replacement.)


(See Figures 1 through 6)

  • Identify and visibly mark the location on a destructible surface where a hole of desired diameter is to be cut. 
  • Use the grooves (between raised ridges) on the Hole Troll to visually align the Hole Troll with the mark on the surface, and position the Hole Troll at the desired location on the surface.
  • Secure the Hole Troll at the desired location with the appropriate fastener(s), ensuring all of the following:
    • Fastener firmly connects the Hole Troll to the surface so it does not move;
    • Fastener location is outside the cut radius (the diameter of the hole saw), such that the hole saw being used will not come into contact with any fastener;
    • Fastener placement secures the Hole Troll as broadly as possible, covering 0°, 90°, 180° and 270° along its circumference (border), between the inside of the final ridge of the Hole Troll and outside of the cut radius. 
  • With a hole saw of desired diameter properly secured to a power drill, gently rest the annular (cutting) blade of the hole saw in the groove that corresponds to the desired hole diameter.

NOTE: Follow drill manual instructions to install hole saw into drill chuck.

NOTE: Only use hole saws in good repair that are specifically designed to cut through the surface material. Incorrect or worn hole saws may fail or cause injury.

  • SLOWLY activate the drill with the hole saw in place, increasing pressure and power to the drill if and when the hole saw begins to cut through the Hole Troll.

NOTE: Ensure the drill is flush with the surface and perpendicular to the surface, so the hole saw passes through the Hole Troll and into the surface smoothly.

  • When the hole saw cuts through the Hole Troll and into the surface, continue with normal hole saw use until the hole is cut.

NOTE: If the Hole Troll becomes unfastened, or the hole saw does not cut through the Hole Troll, then STOP. Repeat the steps above, as required.

  • Remove the fasteners and Hole Troll remnants from the surface and hole saw, and discard them.